Professional Services on Image
Consultant in images


Services : An image Consultant brings you his knowledge and professional experience for any advice,
study or achievement on the image in all its forms and its uses.
These benefits and services are particularly suitable for promotional contexts, event and cultural.
Images and Heritage : The images Consultant is able to advise you on research, safeguarding, study, conservation
and enhancement of the heritage in images as well as on technical aspects, referencing and estimate of the images.
For the use of any image and, where applicable, to determine the obligations related thereto such as prior authorization, copyright,
rights of owners on their reproduced property and rights of third parties appearing on the image, The Image Consultant is there
to help you in order to avoid you, third party claims and their consequences or minimize them.
The context of use and distribution of an image is also to be taken into consideration in order to determine whether the use
is carried out in compliance with the author and the persons or property represented and is therefore lawful, tolerated or unlawful.
By using the services of our Consultant you can be counseled on all these areas.
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